Adriana Maya in Facial No Need To Be Shy

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Category: Brunette

From: nurumassage

Date: August 21, 2020

Oliver Flynn arrives nervously for his massage. Adriana Maya is his masseuse. He is reluctant to let her in, but she warmly welcomes him into the room. Adriana promises Oliver that theyA'll do everything professionally, and Oliver continues to take deep breathes. Adriana helps Oliver through the shower, then takes him to the massage room. She gently probes him for reasons he is shy. Oliver quickly admits that although he is hesitant at first to confess it, he has been shy about his body. This has led to problems with his romantic relationships. His insecurity didn't seem to be a problem for his girlfriends. To gain confidence and practice nuding in front of girls, he decided to get naked before a masseuse to help him feel more confident. Adriana agrees and then promises to build OliverAA's confidence through a massage that is intimate and personal. Oliver begins to relax and realizes that it is not so terrible after all. HeA's actually amazed and Adriana asks him if heAd like to have a happier ending that REALLY increases his confidence. Adriana puts her pussy on Oliver's cock and Oliver can be seen smiling beyond belief. Oliver begins to believe thereAs still hope for him as she rides him.

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