Aiden Starr Straight Feminized and Abandoned

Tags: Femdom   Pegging   Slave   Rough Sex   Prostate Stimulation   Face Sitting   Bondage   Dominatrix   Fingering   Dildo   Caning   Aiden Starr

Category: Domination


Date: July 03, 2013

Aiden Starr is insanely wicked and humiliating in this barbarous feminization. Marcelo is coaxed into humiliation being forced to dress as a girl with claims of Goddess Aiden's pussy. Aiden places Marcelo throughout the ringer and spits him out with single tail that is harsh, hard caning and so knobs and clothes pins onto his entire body and penis we lost count. He is dressed as a woman and fucked hard and deep in his guy pussy. He makes it to the mattress of Goddess Aiden and she fucks his encounter with a gag denying him some of her pussy, which makes him moan. The minute his cock explodes his orgasm is ruined by her with the cattle on his cock for the shock of his life!

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