Alan Ladd in blindfold Bound Body Builder

Tags: Blindfold   Uncut   Gag   Muscle   Gay   Bdsm   Corporal Punishment   Uncut   Domination   Stud   Leather   Master

Category: BDSM

From: boundgods

Date: May 22, 2013

Alan Ladd, Leather Master of Leather, enters the Dungeon to discover his bodybuilder bound and blindfolded. He feels Marcus Ruhl's massive muscles as he walks towards the muscular stud. His cock is growing in his pants as well. Alan quickly rips his pants off and starts sucking MarcusA' uncut body. Marcus gets a beating from the flogger and his entire body is broken up for Alan to admire. Marcus can't eat every inch of AlanA's hard cock because it is so solid. After AlanA has had enough, he puts Marcus in a tie with electrodes running down his legs and an electric plug sticking up his genitals. Marcus snorts as every bit of electricity rushes through his body. Alan gives his sub a last fuck, before dumping his loads on the bodybuilder. Alan does not leave his sub unrewarded. Alan takes MarcusA' uncut cock and milks it, before leaving MarcusA exhausted in the dungeon.

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