Alexis Crystal in Big Nipples Send Nudes - S12:E8

Tags: Big Nipples   Passion   Petite   Brunette

Category: Euro

From: nubiles

Date: November 10, 2017

Alexis Crystal, a short sweet brunette, is an absolute tease. She sends Michael Fly increasingly provocative selfies. Alexis, by the time Michael Fly arrives Alexis has already become sexy and is ready for anything. Alexis reaches for her dick and strokes her stomach, while Michael Fly kicks her feet in apparent pleasure. Alexis slips out of her robe so Michael can run into her. His pussy-pounding is not gentle, particularly as he wraps a hand around Alexis' neck to keep her in place. Michael continues his feisty pranks on Alexis, falling to his sides. Alexis quickly adjusts her position to rise above Michael when he rolls onto his stomach. He stares at her as she rides, but she soon turns and can ride him on a short tit-bouncing stiffie. Alexis takes Michal on a grand final by sucking her lips until she gets the cumshot that her heart desires, as her pussy pulses in delight at her climax.

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