Amber Rayne in submission Machinehead

Tags: Submission   Bdsm   Spider Gag   Muscle   Drool   Humiliation   Fingering   Metal Bondage   The Wall   Domination

Category: BDSM

From: devicebondage

Date: March 8, 2007

Her back is against cold brick walls, and she's crouched down in a corner. The bar is placed low on her lap, with leather straps holding her knees apart. This keeps her in a squat. Her wrists and neck are connected to the collar. She describes how much she enjoys playing in her private life. Cyd attempts to add some interest to her situation by placing a powerful propane heater next to it. As she tries to escape the heat, she wriggles around. A couple of minutes later, she pulls up her shirt over her head and tie it above her shoulders like a bag of potatoes. We see her struggle within the cloth and her ghostly features as she presses her face against the material. Next, we discover her with her tongue open in spanish stirrups. She lies down on her stomach, with one foot in the stirrups above her head to the ceiling. Cyd inserts a speculum in her cunt, and she is advised to relax as he expands it further and probes inside. He continues to insert a large, butt plug into her genitals. However, he quickly swaps it for the largest one. After the large chunk of rubber has disappeared from her ans, she lets out some screams and moans but soon calms down. Cyd compliments her for taking the largest thing in her ass, but quickly stops. Her fate is right in front of her eyes - an assing machine attached to the wall above her mouth. Cyd commands her to demonstrate how much she suckers cock. She eagerly does so, and she starts gagging in all directions.

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