Amelia in Biting That's Comfy, for Me

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Category: Domination


Date: April 15, 2021

Amelia, the Sexy Goddess of Love, walks into the Dungeon to see her slave who has been waiting for her. He slaps her face, then she pulls her shorts down and wave her amazing ass globes at him. Are you willing to endure under my ans?" He responds. He says yes, and then sniffs the crack. He always gets her dirty. She points her nasty face at you and slaps your cheeks. Amelia turns her back to the mirror, and she sits on top of him with all her weight. Her feet are on the floor. She tells him to "Get your tongue all of the way in there". He then sits sideways on her back, and she says "ThatAs comfortable... for me." The slave is not so comfortable. If youAve ever sat on a saddle side by side, then youAll be aware. He gets his nose crushed, and the slave is made more miserable by her bounce on it. To make him breathe, she pulls at his nipples. He holds his breath for 30 seconds. She then puts her arms around him, bringing both of her legs to the surface. It is so easy that she can't help but feel like she could sit down and watch television as this. She adds, "HeA isn't going anywhere", as she kicks the slave desperately. Lovely!

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