Amelia in Office You work hard, you Get Rewards

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Date: April 28, 2021

She is seen sitting down on the slave's back and gently rubbing her cock. "You did well today," she says. He is rewarded for his hard work. AmeliaA is watching as the slave licks AmeliaA's sock. The slave then sits down on her back and she rocks her beautiful, big sex on him. She slaps the slave, but not too hard. The slave bends down and takes a lick of her cock before she suckers the head. She warns him, "Don't dare cum in mine mouth", before taking her cock and vigorously stroking it. He is taken to the brink by her, but she doesn't intend on letting him go cum. Amelia usually acts sadistic but is today rewarding her slave's hard work. Now, she sits straight up and instructs her slave to focus all of their attention on cleaning the crack. You can get great views of her ass in the mirror so that you can view her from both ends. She finally moves to forward so that they both can focus on their pleasure. The slave continues to kick for air, but he focuses on her deep rimming. Although she may be nice, it is ultimately about her. The slave exists to entertain and please her.

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