Angelina Valentine in pornstar Nurse Torture with Nicki Blue!

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From: pornstarplatinum

Date: January 1, 2012

IA is tired of hearing from all those in the medical profession telling me what the hell I am doing! Nicki Fucking Blue doesn't know that IA is a nurse! What the hell is she wearing? It's a complete joke! Look at that stupid pink nurse dress. IA is pissed today and IA will take it out upon Nicki, my nurse. You will see me do all sorts of dirty, rotten things for her. I even wrap her in plastic wrap. This girl will never see me again because I have done so many horrible things! Perhaps you'll see the value in being a nurse after watching this scene! This is one crazy motherfucking scene you will only find here at! So enjoy! Please don't enter cardiac arrest!

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