BallBusting Enslaved by MY Perfect Ass

Tags: Ballbusting   Shoulderriding   Masks   Sexslave   Kneeing   Pantyhose   Mouthgag   Spitting   Undefined   Bbw   Armpits   Facestanding   Hairpulling   Shoeworship   Footjob   Jerkoffinstruction   Bellyfetish   Beatdown   Otk   Breathplay   Waterplay   Bigtits   Giantess   Cumco

Category: BDSM


Date: February 11, 2012

Princess Ami must have the best bubble butts. It's even better when she packs it into tight black shorts. This is your opportunity to admire her genitals. It's her favorite thing. You will be completely enslaved by her ass. It will be a pleasure to smell, touch, and lick you. You will be expected to do these things every day and she will laugh at you living a life of total servitude.

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