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Date: April 09, 2009

I have a confession to make: the very first time I saw Brooke BelleI wrote her off as another one of the high-maintenance LA women who act as theyre too fantastic when theyre sucking on a cock to become. Well, Brooke may look the part, but when a cock is in her face, the appearances go outside the window and she slips into the choking, slobbering slut every guy wishes to return home to time. We introduced the cock domination for this Throated episode back and simultaneously covered her face with hot nutsack till she actually gasped for air and drove cock. Some women would have tapped out at this time, but Brooke hung in there and gave everything she had. She swallowed him deep, sucked his ballsand let him choke her with penis massaging her clit that whole moment. Brooke had many orgasms during this shoot and she'd have kept when we allow her going but in the long run, we left her covered in spunk and resembles a can be deceiving, cant they? *Monique*

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