cast She Caught Me and Made Me Her Slave 5

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Category: Smoking


Date: January 14, 2012

It is a stunning scene. This is one of our favorite human toilet paper videos. M'mmy has taken jimmy to new heights. M'mmy is taking a huge, disgusting dump while she sits on the bathroom toilet. We call jimmy and see him climbing into the toilet on his knees, holding a leash to his lips. Mimi grabs the leash from him and tugs at it. Mimi says, "Can you smell the jimmy?" Mimi asks. ""Yes Mimi,"" responds jimmy. M'mmy knows he will make her lick his genitals like human toilet paper, and he is scared. "That's correct, I took a big nasty dump, and now you want to clean M'mmy’s ass. Do you hear me?" She screams angrily. She grabs Jimmy's head, and pushes him between her legs into the bowl. She laughs and says, "Have a good whiff Jimmy," as he tries to resist. "Do you like it?" She asks. He replies, "No M'mmy," as Mimi giggles at him. Then, she leans forward and raises her legs in order to reveal her dirty sex. She orders, "Get in there and clean me," He obeys her commands and she pulls Jimmy by his leash. She stands and commands him to clean her genitals. He is to place his hand on the toilet bowl and spread his cheeks. Jimmy doesn't like being Mimi's toilet paper, but he does it because he doesn’t want his private life to be exposed by his Facebook friends. Mimi will not hesitate to take his life, if Mimi doesn't like him. She orders him to tongue-fuck his sex and, as he pounding his lips against her dirty suckles, she giggles at him and says that he'll soon be ready to eat all Mimi's dumps. She laughs and says, "I've got three great movements per day jimmy. You will be eating them all."

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