Cazden Hunter in Anal Hunted: Cazden Hunter & Ian Greene RAW

Tags: Anal   Gay   Latex   Crop   Leather   Big Toy

Category: Anal

From: kinkybitesmen

Date: October 29, 2020

Ian Green is tied to his elbows and knees by Cazden Hunter, and then blindfolded and gagged. Cazden Hunter seizes control over Ian and can use his body in any way that he likes. Cazden Hunter makes Ian smell the cock before pulling it out. Cazden strips Ian of his black latex pants and cuts off his naked shins. Cazden spreads Ian’s cheeks, and then he sucks his tongue in Ian's genitals. Cazden pushes his cock into Ian's genitals, and then fucks him raw and hard. Cazden pulls out a large toy, stretches Ian's stomach with it, and then shoves his entire fist into Ian's face.

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