Chad Brock in The New Years' Ball

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Date: December 31, 2009

We are saying goodbye to 2009 this week with Rocky Charles and Chad Brock. Chad hails originally from Los Angeles. The 36-year-old became an instant fan favourite on MenOver30. Rocky Charles, a 23-year-old Baltimore man named Rocky Charles joined us to help him welcome in 2019! Rocky is down-to-earth. Rocky is down to earth, even though he loves the feminine form. However, he's happy to play with boys as long as it keeps his dick happygotta like that. These guys were asked what resolutions, if any they planned to make or break for 2010. Chad would like to do a better job at building relationships and friendships. These often become collateral damage for work or the day. Rocky isn't one to set resolutions because he doesn't like to promise things he might not keep. Intelligent man. In hindsight, we asked them what their most memorable sexual moments were in 2009. ChadA's best was an amazing scene in water sports that resulted in fucking. Rocky laughs as he tells his story. RockyAs most famous scene was the one he shot flinging another man in a sling and flicking ashes over his face from a cigarette. We can't wait for 2010 to witness their chemistry with more stories like this. The two of them sit together, relaxed and comfortable. Slowly, they begin to kiss and undress each other. Rocky takes off his shorts and goes on to Chad. Chad takes RockyAs cock from his boxer shorts to his mouth, but he doesnAt make it very far. Rocky begins to play fuck Chad as his dick starts to come to life. Then, he wants to eat some of the things heAs getting so he gets ChadAA's cock wet. As ChadA's meat rises, he eagerly takes on the task. Chad loves Rocky's love of sucking cock. Rocky eagerly eats all of Mr. BrockA’s bones, using his hands and mouth to work it. After heA has finished, Rocky gets up from the couch and waving his hard-boiled meat. Chad is quick to get down on RockyA. Rocky assists him in bobblying his head while he swirls his tongue about his boner. Rocky begins to examine ChadA’s braces while Chad suckers on Rocky. While Chad moans and spits, he starts to point at ChadA's hairy thigh. Rocky gets closer to ChadA as he tongue-fucks ChadA’s hungry ass. Chad shivers as RockyA's meat slips inside. Rocky instantly starts to fiss his sex as his meat slides into ChadA’s muscles. After a while, he fucks Chad doggy-style before placing Chad on the back to get more. Chad enjoys the constant pounding RockyA gives him. Chad is a sucker for Rocky's ass pounding and will beg Rocky for more. RockyA's clearly being a good boy and giving his Dad the respect he deserves. Rocky calls Chad A'DaddyA" and continues to slap at the hungry hole. Rocky sits down on the couch with Chad and has him straddle his reverse cowgirl. Watch as Chad inhales for even more. Chad begins to take RockyA's dick seriously. He grinds RockyA's jock food harder the more he fists. This position is where RockyA's bone hits Chad at all the right places. Chad soon grunts as RockyA sends his huge load over the edge. Rocky leaps up and explodes all over Rocky's furry navel. Happy New Year!

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