Charlie Xavier in Overdue Visit

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Date: December 11, 2008

Charlie Xavier, an international man of intrigue is joining us again this week. Charlie is MenOver30's first stud that was brought back to make a sixth appearance. This South African native is loved by all of his fans. Charlie was born in South Africa, but was raised in Argentina and Brazil. He is well-travelled and has a wide range of interests. Charlie has been to many countries and has enjoyed the experience of living in different places. However, he says that while he enjoys calling Miami his home right now, he is proud to have lived there. He enjoys the sunshine and energy that our Magic City brings. The 32-year old muscular man is charming and well-spoken. It's easy to understand why he has such a great relationship with women. While he is happy where he is, he admits that he wants to visit other places. He also has a list for Hawaii and the West coast, even though their climates are similar to Miami. There are more seasons than they have. Here, we have Hot and Hurricane. This is all we have. But it's better than shoveling snow. He can't remember which country has the most beautiful women, despite having been to many places. Every country is unique and each woman has her own style. CharlieA is the son of diplomats and has chosen to keep his distance on this one. Sometimes, it's better to talk less and to take a backseat to observe. Real gentlemen do not kiss and tell. He has been looking at new career paths and pursuing a return to school in the past 6 months. This is where we last saw him. Evidently, he still shows the same devotion to his body. His focus is on natural exercise and healthy eating habits. Since most side effects of supplements can have a negative impact on his body, he doesn't recommend them. (I.e. Age quickly. Bulk up excessively. Your balls shrink and fall off. It could be possible. We need more Charlie and less chat. Let's get started. Charlie begins with a strip tease. He starts by unbutting his shirt, giving us a glimpse at his massive chest and then turning his back to us and tease as he pulls off his pants. It's your show, take it as you mean it. As he continues, he laughs and turns his back. As he slowly bends down, we can see the muscles in his quads and glutes contracted as he moves forward. As his cotton shorts begin to get tangled, he begins to play with the growing cock. As he turns his back to us, he teases us as if he was looking over our shoulders. He pulls down his shorts below his squeezeable ass and looks at us once more. He would have sold more Charmin than Mr. Whipple. But he didn't date anybody, ....) Where were I?... His perfectly round ass peeks through his shirt tail, but it's not long before the shirt is taken off, and the view becomes even better. Charlie plays with us, hiding the goodies. Close up of CharlieA as the camera pans slowly over his face. As the camera pans out, we can see his entire muscular frame lying on the chaise while he strokes his uncut hair. It seems that CharlieA is exactly as it was intended. We aren't complaining. His foreskin slides up to his head as he strokes it. As his long, slender legs dangle from his large thighs, the smooth nuts of his smooth nuts get thicker. His cock has reached full-throb and he stands up to show us the view. As he spits onto his cock, he leans forward in order to shoot before applying natural lube on to his sharpened fuckstick. He leans forward and starts to lift his cock. WeAre certain that his meat is thicker at the bottom than at the top, and it makes women scream and beg more. You know what you're doing! Charlie's entire body is very thick. It's incredible to imagine how many destinations one could visit with such a large and slim frame. You can think about it. Charlie lies down on the couch and continues his work with thick meat. As the camera pans above, we see an aerial view that shows all of this imported meat. He is well-defined in his chest, abdomen and arms. As his forearm and right bicep engage in continuous sets of fist raises, his shoulders appear relaxed. He has lost the flexibility and stiffness of his cock that he had at the beginning. His once-heavy nut bag is pulled up to his stomach. The launch sequence has been activated and Charlie will soon need to unload the massive load. Charlie is groping his chest and abs with his left hand, his balls tightened and his heavy cock receiving the attention it needs. As he releases his cock, his thick foreskin pulls over the knob. Within seconds CharlieA is back at his cock, stroking his meat more and more quickly. CharlieA's eyes have become more focused and he is now focusing on all the things that give him joy. The sensation is not something he wants to stop for long. The trick is to fist his meat hard, adding short bursts of rapid acceleration between. His guttural grunt is heard as he moans, "Aww! IA'm going to cumOh Fuck!" He then repositions himself and milks the thick, creamy dick with only his thumbs and forefinger, until it starts to spew cream. As he splatters ElmerA's gluey cum all over his firm, smooth navel, it pools just short of his belly button. He was not subject to the heavy whitewashing. Charlie's load must have been back-up because it is thicker than icing. Mmmm. Vanilla icing. Okay, that's it.

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