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Tags: Discipline   Hairpulling   Uniforms   Medical   Flipflops   Ponyplay   Encouraged   Bondage   Beatdown   Squirting   Asian   Kicking   Nippleplay   Giantess   Encouragedbi   Suspension   Bellyfetish   Lips   Pussy   Boots   Sissy Skinny   Cockslapping   Farting   Rubber   Humana

Category: Uniforms

From: clubstiletto.com

Date: September 14, 2012

WARNING!! WARNING! HIGH DEGRADATION LEVEL Mimi, dressed in the beautiful evening dress you love and entertaining her girls tonight. Mimi is in the bathroom when she discovers there's no toilet paper. You will be her toilet paper, she declares. However, that is not all! From now on, you will be her full-time toilet. Mimi verbally abuses you and orders you to rub your dirty thighs in her hand while she cleans your arse. Mimi expects that you will lick your dirty rags from her hand. Mimi will take you into the darkest corners of your desires and fantasies, and leave you with no chance of ever returning to normal. This video will be a hit with fans of Devotion to My Caviar.

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