FaceSlapping Edged and Edged and Edged

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Category: Bondage


Date: August 29, 2021

filesize : 19.24MB Mistress T is stroking her slave's cock while kneeling down. She tells him, "I want you to test how much you can take having that huge juicy ass on your face." He sits down and she tells her to get his pussy. He continues to stroke her hard cock. She tells him "Imagine what it would be like to fuck this pussy", getting more excited. She stops her stroking, then starts slowly again. He is constantly being pulled to the edge by her cum-filled balls. She strokes him again and continues until he stops. T moves from sitting on his back and bounces onto him to leaning forward, giving you a fantastic view of her huge delicious abs. There are many great words from Mistress T. She starts talking about how she made him a slave and ran a train upon him until he couldn't hold it anymore. He cums T goes from an orgasm that was ruined to more stroking to more squeezing until she's unable to hold him. TA's girlfriends are laughing in the background. My girlfriends are aware that you have failed, and we will make lots of money tonight by you making us cocksuckers. He continues sucking every bit of his cum and she tells him that he cannot control his release and is their cocksucker, both today and forever.

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