Fayth Deluca in submission Deflowered

Tags: Submission   Bdsm   Handler   Corporal Punishment   Leather   Domination   Straight

Category: Feet

From: devicebondage

Date: April 6, 2007

Her face is on the ground, she sighs and lies on her stomach, with her arms crossed behind her back, in chains. Cyd offers her water. Her legs are straddled by a wooden beam, and her toes are pressed into her skin. The tension is making her nervously laugh. He wants her to drink the water like a dog. She isn't convinced. Fyth barely sips any and then gasps when cyd removes her bowl and pours water over her head. She has only done two bondage shoots. It was only three years ago that she lost her virginity. She was 21, when this happened. Even though she had thoughts of being a virgin till marriage, This seemingly perfect girl is a total bondage slut. Cyd quickly cuts off her clothes and spits on her feet using a sharp, thin wooden skewer. Fayth furrows a brow and begins to sweat heavily. Her heartbeat is faster, her skin starts to swell with sweat. With her back firmly against the wall, Fayth is forced to crouch on one side. Fayth lets Cyd fling her breasts while Fayth moans and snorts on the cock. He brings out the vibrator and she bursts into anorgasm. She curses under her breath as Fayth moanes through her gag.

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