Ivy Ass Licking Brunette Fucks Her Sister's Boyfriend

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Date: March 22, 2012

Ivy was fantasizing boyfriend for months. She lays awake at night thinking about him and touching herself, imagining what he looks like naked, and everything he'd do to her when he could have his Martin is resting in her sisters room while she is in the office! No one will be home for another couple of hours therefore Ivy places a sexy white outfit she secretly purchased on the internet, also finds the guts to sneak into bed with him.When Martin sees her he is shocked and tries to dissuade her, but its too late, together with his stone hard penis dripping pre-cum he cant resist taking the innocent young sister of his own girlfriend. Ivys giving her climaxes, pussy is grooling for him and he makes love to her passionately and making her eyes roll back in her mind sometimes! He is also her very first guy, and also just the second boy she has had sex together! She asks him to cum inside her pussy and he pulls deep in her young cunny. "Its warm" she says gently.

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