Jasmine in Encouraged Making slaves Cry

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Category: Smoking


Date: August 9, 2019

Miss Jasmine, TS Staci and TS Staci come down the stairs to talk about the fun night. The girls come into the kitchen to be pleasantly surprised that the bitch has just finished up the job. It's so nice to see a tidy house, considering how it was when they got out of bed. Jasmine suggested that we make dinner tonight to show our appreciation. Staci says, "Yes, we will make dinner tonight." The two decide to tenderize the meat so Jasmine grabs a crop and Staci pulls out a studded paddle from a drawer. Staci takes to the streets with Jasmine, while Jasmine is focused on her sex. They don't really care about a buildup, and both of them work hard from the beginning. Slave kicks and shouts, but it only makes the girls laugh more and pushes them harder. Slave starts asking for mercy. They say that they would like it to be easier, but they aren't quite ready to give up. Staci grabs some tongs and pulls on her dick, while they continue their flogging. StaciaEUR(tm), hiding her nakedness, is filmed by the cameraman. Jasmine laughs, "aEURoeMaking slaves criesaEUR" When he feels tender, they take out some lemon juice and hot pepper sauce and apply it to the welts. Staci turns on the oven, grabs a packet of salt, and applies it all to his body. It's now time to tenderize more. Jasmine encourages the slave to take a deep breath and relax. HeaEUR(tm), Jasmine says, will soon find a comfortable place almost as warm as a sauna. ItaEUR(tm),s clear that the slave is as soft as itaEUR(tm).

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