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Date: December 24, 2018

Gianna Dior and Jill Kassidy enter the massage parlor deep in discussion over wedding details. Gianna Dior, the future bride, seems very stressed. Gianna constantly tells Jill she doesn't have the time to give a massage right now. Jill on the other side has a calmer approach and insists Gianna need to relax. Alex De La Flor is the Masseuse who greets them and asks her how she can be of assistance. Gianna tells Alex that they are just going to leave, but Jill laughs and tells Alex to ignore. Jill jokes that A'DonA’t listen to her .... because sheA’s acting crazy lately. Gianna chuckles and replies, "Me?" Gianna laughs and replies A'Me? Alex replies that it would be a pleasure to help. Gianna states that Jill will have to stop Gianna from panicking if sheA’s going into there. Jill says A'fineA'. Jill laughs as A'FineA Gianna roars back. Alex leads the girls to the massage area, and signals for the bride's to remove her clothes. A'My clothes? "My clothes?" YouAre too tense, this is why youA need to have this massage! Take off all your clothing so Alex can start working. Now, just relax. Relax! Perhaps she does really need it. The maid-of-honor gestures for privacy, but she laughs because she has seen her wear hundreds of wedding dresses and she believes she is capable of handling one more. Gianna makes a funny face and laughs at Alex before taking her clothes off and lying down on the table. Alex begins massaging Gianna. Gianna is still impatient and asks the masseuse for a hurry. Jill tries to soothe her friend while Alex continues her massage. Gianna begins to relax and she comments that it was a good thing she had this massage. Alex expects a response from Jill. Jill looks at Alex and shakes her head. She then says, "ItA's an amazing miracleA" as she raises her arms in the air. Soon AlexA's hands begin to sink and she starts to touch GiannaA. GiannaA looks wide-eyed and asks Alex about what sheAs doing. Alex says it's part of the whole-body massage. Jill attempts to calm the bride-to be, but she is resistant. Alex also notices that Jill's maid-of-honor looks nervous. Although you do an excellent job hiding your anxiety, I know that wedding planning is stressful for you. It is difficult to maintain your posture! A' Jill acknowledges it was hard, particularly trying not to stress her friend. Alex grabs a stool from the nearby area and signals for Gianna to take it. SheA'll also give her a hand with the bridesmaids by giving them a gentle shoulder rub. Alex continues to massage Gianna after a short shoulder rub. Alex then flips Gianna over and begins to inquire more about GiannaAs wedding plans in order to pinpoint her stress. Gianna initially says that itAs normal stress. But, Alex continues to ask and Gianna confesses that sheAs reconsidering marrying her fianc. Jill was shocked to learn this. A'You never taught me that!A' she gasps. Gianna says she felt ashamed because of a stupid reason. Alex inquires why and Gianna says that she doesnAt have much experience in life. Her high school sweetheart and fianc have been together since their senior year. She didn't get a chance see or try anything else. Gianna tells her that Alex can give her a tantric massage if sheAs interested. Gianna's protests are cut short by Alex gentle caressing her pussy. Alex is shocked. Alex explained that she was just trying to help her friends. Gianna stated she wanted to try something new before getting married and Jill said that she would like to be able to do the same. Let Alex lead them on a tantric massage adventure. This will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it'll also serve as something to remember Gianna being single and crazy. Gianna turns to her friend, who looks just as confused as she is. She shrugs and suggests that she would rather get married within a few days than being constantly wondering "What if A" every day. Her friend then adds, and thinks it's safer here with someone who's experienced than a bar hookup. Alex begins to gently caress Gianna's clit. Jill watches in awe as Gianna screams with joy, while Jill licks her lips. Alex quickly takes JillA’s hand, and places it gently on GiannaA. GiannaA's maid-of-honor is eager to join the fun and starts to massage her wet pussy. The tantric massage is only the beginning. GiannaA will not be the only person whoA'll enjoy today's tantric massage, even though it may seem like this day is all about relaxing the bride-to be.

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