Joe Parker in Parker's House Rules

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Date: November 16, 2011

This week, we are pleased to welcome Joe Parker (hunger hottie) and Dalton Tyler (his buddy). Joe, a 31-year old Jersey boy has rugged looks and an impressive body. Dalton hails from Chicago, but is originally from the Midwest. The tall, 20-year-old Dalton is sure to have a great time. These two were asked what school class they wish they had paid more attention. Joe chose Spanish, which would have helped him find more South Florida hotties. Dalton would have paid more attention to math. We switched to the silly and asked them which cock they'd like to see, in case that wish came true. JoeA would choose Russell CroweAs cock, and it's a great choice. Dalton wants something more refined and would like to see Marcus SchenkenbergA’s Calvin Klein model cock. WeAre certain it will come with its own portfolio. We asked them when the last time they did jacking off. Joe took four days, while Dalton took over a month. Both liked a dry rub to hold the lube. They didn't need any porn. The best porn you have is inside your head. LIES! Joe is complaining that he's too hot and the heat is killing him. Dalton must agree that he's hot because he has taken off his shirt. As they begin to have a good time, he leans forward for a hug. They goop at each other's growing crotches, their hands fluttering. The two of them continue to have a good time while Dalton travels south to inspect JoeAA's expanding bulge. Dalton helps JoeA out of his pants and begins to play with the growing cock while wearing the shorts. He takes them off, and he gets to work with JoeA's throbbing body. He sighs and looks at Joe. Dalton is now on his knees, and has his mouth full of Jerseycock. Joe sits down so Dalton can enjoy his meal. Joe simply watches the scenery while Dalton pushes his thick cock down as hard as possible. Joe pulls Dalton up to his feet, and he tries to return the favor by dropping his pants. Joe puts his lips around DaltonAs cock, and then gets back to work. Dalton sighs in appreciation while he shines his shaft. Although he loves all the attention, he still wants to get his hands on JoeA. DaltonA is hot and he wants to give it all. JoeA gets on his thick cock, sucking deep. Dalton supports JoeA's hard-cocked cock as they lay down on the couch. Joe slips his thick meat inside, and starts to fuck that tight ass. As Dalton pulls on his cock, they make out. JoeA slowly places his cock inside, and it slides in. DaltonA holds his leg and he starts to grind it in. He uses the cushion on the couch as leverage to propel himself into that ass. Joe gets Dalton onto the ground on all four and he continues to fist his ass dog style. Dalton grunts as he slides his fat dick in. He quickly picks up speed and doesn't waste any time. Dalton is held by his waist as he gets to work on impaling him. Joe observes as DaltonA's tight stomach swallows the meat and slams it away. The two then return to their couch, where Dalton rests his dick on JoeA's chest. Joe repeatedly slams JoeA's dick into the hot hole, making Dalton want more. Joe is pushed over the edge by Dalton's tight and sexy sex. Dalton sits next to Joe and closes his eyes. He then jacks off to try to crack a nut. Joe has already taken care of his business and sneaks away leaving Dalton staring at the ceiling, his eyes shut., RUDE! LOL

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