John Jammen in Prostate Stimulation Milking Raw Multiple Orgasms

Tags: Prostate Stimulation   Bondage   Humiliation   Femdom   Rough Sex   Flogging   Slave   Slapping   Male Sub   Dominatrix

Category: Domination

From: divinebitches

Date: July 27, 2010

John JammenAs lucky bit of meat. Maitresse Madeline is not the most common person to grab slave meat from the streets for giggles and shits, but she knows that heAs one lucky MOTHER FUCKER! JohnA's silly fucking smile gets wiped off his face by hard face slapping and CBT. He is also flogged with humiliation. Maitresse is eager to have fun so she puts a thick, clear sheath on JohnA's hard-crushing dickstick. She then lets him slip it into her moist pussy. He can't feel his pussy with the sheath. This horny mother fucker blows his loads in the sheath, while Maitresse is deep within him. He can lose his temper just by being near her. He would be foolish to do that! Maitresse sets it as her goal to extract the most filthy sperm from him boiling hot balls, until he's totally raw and asking for her to stop. It's too much stimulation! He will learn to never lose his loads without permission!

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