JR Matthews in gay Vertical Suspension, Tickle Torment and Extreme Edging Menonedge.com

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From: menonedge

Date: July 22, 2013

JR Matthews, a local hot stud says that he enjoys being competitive in his personal and professional life. He even has bondage experience. We quickly tie him up, and start to teasing his bird. His cock starts raging and is just waiting to be edged. We give JR some impacts play. He is warmed up by a few smacks, while his cock stares straight ahead. Sebastian teases JR with his tongue while he suspends JR vertically. Van surprise the bound stud by giving him the flogger just as he's about blowing his load. Then Van suspends JR horizontally, his cock hanging towards the ground. JR is pinned to the bed and we play a few teasing hitsachis on his cock before pushing the vibrator into his stomach. Finally, we milk JR's head before he goes through some post-orgasmic torture.

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