Kandy in RuinedOrgasm Passion of the Asshole

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Category: BDSM


Date: August 8, 2021

The amazing Mistress Kandy, the Ass of Kandy who loves to fart and use men's toilets is what makes men crazy. It's obvious that you are a masturbator when you see Kandy farting at you and using you as her 24 hour toilet. You will enjoy this scene. Kandy has just expelled some monster fart. She now pulls her slaves' heads in closer, using her feet to inhale, and then she licks her sock. You can listen to her talk throughout the scene, while she makes her slave tongue fuck her and then licks her hole. She will make sure that you see all of her glory and have the slave turn her back so she can show you her hole. She says, "I desire complete devotion and passion to my asshole." Kandy says that the slave has not eaten for a while and is now about to have his first meal. She says, "Everything that he eats or drinks is from me." Kandy states that she will soon shave Kandy's armpits. The cup will include water, along with her nail clippings and any other bodily fluids. Kandy won't let her slave brush his teeth. After she has given him food, Kandy encourages her to take him out to find someone she can kiss and to enjoy the smell of Kandy's sexy breath. Kandy warns the slave not to touch Kandy's pussy while he licks his teeth. She doesn't want his nasty mouth on her vagina. Kandy is now unable to hold on and urges her slave to bite his lips in desperate attempt to get the log. She is satisfied with her show of desperation and pulls Kandy's head close to his chest, telling him to wrap both his lips around the hole. You can eat, little bitch.

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