Keisha Grey

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Date: February 21, 2016

However hot your woman is, later or sooner things become stale in your bedroom. Require Max, for instance. He's got a girl and a terrific house and he's tired. Just how long can a person be expected to fuck off until it grows older? Max has had this talk about this with his girl, and he's gonna get severe. He only got home with his bro, Isiah, and Max puts it bluntly:"fuck my girl! I want to watch!" Isiah is now down, Because Max is down. . .the only issue? Keisha isn't. All it takes is a little"talking to" and before you know it, Isiah is balls deeps in three of Keisha's holes, and it will be a surprise for Max, cause he has never had the opportunity to bang that candy ass! Some say it's better to leave fantasies. . .but not here. We make dreams real! . . .read longer

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