Keres in Kneeing Kenny's Arranged Marriage - Auntie Paige's Guest Room Sex slave

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Date: September 18, 2021

Miss Keres is a sexy, milf goddess who relaxes in the Auntie PaigieA guest room. She is very horny, and demands that Kenny come in fully-erect. Kenny's owner is delighted when he says to him "Kenny, i want you to fuck with me." He then reveals his mouth and says, "With that." Poor Kenney never got used to the fact that he couldn't fuck his wife. He is mocked by his small rubber penis that fits in his mouth. It is a frustrating experience for Kenny, especially when he considers that his wifeAs boyfriends have all been hanged. Kenny soon is gliding the Dildo through his wifeAs love tunnel. He should be blindfolded, but she finds it a pleasure to have him see the dildo but not feel it. She says, "I heard Auntie Paige used your toilet today" and adds, "I hope that youA have rinsed your mouth ever since." Kenny is informed by her that she has to care for her since her boyfriends are gone. He says yes to her question (Sex slave of Auntie Paige). He then asks her how fast she should go. She rubs her clit and calls out her boyfriend's name. When near orgasm, she pushes kennyA's head against her neck as she wobbles from intense orgasm. She is now satisfied and pushes him aside, but she's about to leave the room when Auntie Paige texts her. Kenny reads the text to her. "She just got fucked-up the ass" she says to him. Slavery is not over.

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