Korra Del Rio in TS In Her Dreams: Korra Del Rio Fantasizes of Being Dominated by Ruckus

Tags: Ts   Clothespins   Bottom   Role Play   Tattoo   Top   Athletic   Spit   Switch   Brunet   Whipping   Foreskin   Natural Boobs   Gag   Versatile

Category: Alt Porn

From: tsseduction

Date: October 22, 2019

Ruckus is out on a date for Korra del Rio, the beautiful Korra. They are inseparable and sparks fly. Ruckus recommends that they leave the place and go to his house. Korra hears from Ruckus that it will blow her minds and Korra is thrilled by this idea. RuckusA' apartment is messy when they arrive. Korra initially hesitates to lie beside Ruckus on the dirty, naked mattress. But she soon thinks "Fuckit" and decides to get naked. Ruckus does not deliver the sexual experiences he had promised, so Korra rolls over and falls asleep. Korra is disappointed and falls asleep. She wakes up in a dream and finds herself on her own, tied and gagged, in a darkened dungeon. Ruckus is confident and authoritative as he enters the dungeon. He first crouchs her naked stomach and then slaps it with his gloved fingers. While he strokes her cheeks, he places his tongue in her mouth and begins to lick it. He then introduces KorraA to his leather flogger, and whips her ass till it turns pink. He then removes KorraA’s ball-gag, which is her mouth part to allow for his cock. RuckusA's dick is rock-hard, and she sucks her cock down all the way to her throat. Ruckus then has Korra standing in the next scene wearing only a black leather garter, black thigh high stockings and a Saint AndrewA cross chained to it. Ruckus strokes Korra's cock till it is rock-hard, then he puts clothespins onto her nipples and goes to his knees, sucking her cock. Ruckus lets KorraA down, and then he fucks her cock deep and hard. Korra is turned over by Ruckus, who spread her legs and continues to fuck her until she's cum.

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