Mike Martin in rack The Crawl of Shame

Tags: Rack   Anal   Gay   Cock Worship   Rimming   Male Sub   Rope Bondage   Domination   Gangbang   Hot Wax   Public   Bondage   Stud

Category: Cumshot

From: boundinpublic

Date: March 22, 2012

The men in a bar on Friday are rowdy and horny. Kieron Ryan is humiliated and used. Mike Martin blindfolds Ryan and suspends him at his ankles, while random patrons fuck his sex with a dildo. He has cocks shoved in his mouth from all directions. They tie KieronAC/a!a,C/s body to a hook and then pour wax on his muscles. He is humiliated by a group of men who throw drinks at him, while crawling to the middle of the bar where he will be covered in cum.

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