OrgasmDenial Suffer Under Lily's Ass

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Category: Kinky Fetish


Date: April 18, 2017

Lily runs the crop across her slaveaEUR(tm), while his cock is twitching in anticipation. He calls her "little bitch" and she asks him if it's okay to be addressed in this manner. He replied, "Yes, mistress." He replies, "Good. Because today, youaEUR(tm),re going to suffer from me, but my cropaEUR she states, and tells him that he will be under her ans. She explains that she controls every single breath that you take to make it important to you, the anxious slave. He is instructed to move forward above her head, and she tells him how beautiful it smells. He sits down, and she tells him that he's her lowest slave. However, if he proves that he can survive under her ans longer than any other slave, then sheaEUR(tm), will let him climb his way up to the top. "I am your goddess and control all you do. It doesn't really matter what you do. IaEUR(tm), will expect you to be on my face for the entire film. HeaEUR(tm), she tells her, isn't as thrilling as being Number Two. It means that heaEUR (tm) will just get his cock and balls tortured all day, while Number One can enjoy the delight of having her plump ass on him for long hours. She says, "Most slaves aren't allowed to come this close. Many will ask what my ass smells." She laughs and says "Maybe they can smell you nose." She finally decides to give him a thorough test ride to discover his true potential. The slave begins to shake and struggle, but Lily keeps her cool on his head. He was sure to be suffering, after all.

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