Sammy Barefeet Sammy and her stuffed toys!

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Date: May 03, 2008

Sweet, saucy, teen Sammy has got an amazing, nubile body which just doesn't quit! She is the kind of girl that walks into a room and stiffens everything in site, since you look at her and you know that she knows how to work with it! Here she shows you her favourite stuffed toys until she gets hauled off in the comfort of her sofa plus stuffs herself filled with fingers!Feeling naughty at the notion of you seeing , she gets careless whilst eating some cake, before realizing just how nice it feels to have the lotion in her pert young breasts along with sopping muffin! That she makes a bit of a mess, but don't worry Sammy although in a youthful fit of, there'll not be any puns about cake holes! I just hope someone is going to lick that off of her all. Any volunteers?

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