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Date: August 5, 2009

Scott Alexander will be in our house today. HeA's going to give us an A'behind-the scenesA' view of all things Scott. He was a great choice to host our A'unpluggedA" episode, where we learn more about the legend. Scott, 37 years old, is from Houston Texas. Scott has been all over the country and is currently residing in Gainesville. We asked him about his dream place to call home and he answered, "Australia!" Some people want to travel down under. He's long wanted to travel. HeA's made Chicago his favorite place to live. The city's energy and warmth make it his favourite city. Phoenix, AZ was his least favourite place heA’s ever lived. It's okay. He's currently single, and says that he doesn't have a set "typeA" for him. However, he does like a man with a lot of hair. He finds it crazy. It drives him crazy. He likes gentlemen. He doesn't care about looks and admits that he falls in love when a man he meets is not only attractive but also because he can get to know the guy on and off-set. Scott, who is mainly top-notch and has admitted that he's taken it before due to his 6A'3 stature and weight of 195 lbs. He muses that he has tried smaller men and it feels awkwardA'. You need the proper equipment if youAre going to scale a mountain. Scott is wearing a cut-off tee that says "Friend with PrivilegesA" across the chest. It's a great way to show your support for Scott's dream of scaling the mountain. Scott leans forward in the chair, and begins exploring his perfect frame. As he begins to take off his clothes, his hands begin to run along his swollen abs. His sexy, black shorts have ink just below his waistline. His uncut cock is pulled out and he begins to waken the growing python. HeA's soon at full mast. HeA's rock-hard and his smooth, bouncing balls are a joy to stroke. HeA is naturally hairless, and his physique is defined and lean. Before he bows down and shows us his beefy tummy, he strokes his cock attentively. As he strokes his cock, he spreads out wide. Because he loves to tease, he won't mind sharing all the goodies - since you'll never see them. Hmmm. Hmmmm. He can feel his dick throbbing when he touches him. As he begins to hump at the cushions, we can see his asses rising and falling. This gives us an idea about what he would do if he could have a hot underarm. HINT: This is foreshadowing. But youA'll need to wait. He flips over and lies back down on the couch, continuing to have fun with his thick dick. We can see his huge frame better as he lies back. Scott is 6A'3 and has a lot to offer. He also packs a thick 8A" uncut cock, making it an even better package. WeAre not size queens, but we can still be amazed! Seriously. Playing with his nips, he picks up the pace and his balls begin to pull tight around his shaft. He will soon be blazing his loads. As his muscles tighten, his chest and abdomen begin to wobble beneath him. His lips scream "Oh My GodA" as thick cream poured from his chest. Whew.

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