ss: Bijou Steal in BareSoles StepM0m humiliates Skinny Jimmy 1

Tags: Baresoles   Amazon   Farting   Food   Cockslapping   Teaseanddenial   Scissorholds   Feminization   Ballbusting   Sexslave   Pantyhose   Corset   Cumeating   Femdomsex   Assworship   Cuckold   Breastsmother   School   Pvc   Pussy   Cfnm   Legs   Analabuse   Socks   Smallpenishum

Category: Bondage


Date: February 5, 2013

A 20-minute clip is new for the 5th of February! Stepm0m & Jimmy don't like one another, but when they get together they can't deny that there is strong sexual tension. Is Stepm0m a horny, aggressive cougar or is she really just an insecure, jealous mate? Jimmy is quickly manipulated by her to take some very sexy positions. She can't resist pulling her muscles together and burying him in her crotch. He will not forget the leg-scissor workout she gave him. Stepm0m becomes hornier by the minute, and he taps repeatedly. What will happen next? Is steps0n Jimmy going to stand up for her or will she corrupt him completely? SEXY, ROUGH and VERY KINKY!

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