Steven Ponce in Magic Stick

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Date: August 25, 2010

"Fire in the hole!" We are celebrating the birthday of one our most favorite fire crotches. Steven Ponce will be with us this week, and weAre happy to share his birthday with him. Steven may just appear on an A'otherA site. We'll talk about that in a bit, but we'll be able to see StevenA's present for his birthday. A tall glass of Houston water is sitting to the right side StevenA. "Where all things are bigger." WeAre going to see if the dark-skinned, 23-year old is able to back up his words. Alex Mercedes has arrived and the Latin hottie will be treated. These two handsome studs were asked what holiday they love best. Alex is a big fan of Independence Day. Alex loves the American way of life. Alex loves Christmas. He grins and says, "I get presents from everyoneA" Then we asked them whether they would like to have any man alive or dead greet them, dripping with sweat and wearing next to nothing to their breakfast cereal. Steven blushes as he says David Beckham. Alex is accompanied by William Levy (a 6A' Cuban model/actor). Google him Betches, and thank us later. Steven and Alex cannot get enough of one another as they kiss, suckle on and cuddle each other's necks and faces. Alex pulls StevenA’s pants down, giving him more space for his tongue to play. Along StevenA's smooth body, he licks his lips. Before he gets up, he teases StevenA. Steven immediately goes to work, grabbing his hardening cock and taking a few licks in the black shorts. Alex sounds a little irritated as he teases his cock. Steven, however, is a very impatient birthday boy. He wants the candle. AlexA pulls his shorts down and finds the biggest birthday candle that heA has ever seen. AlexA's thick, uncut cock is his first choice and he makes a wish. Is there anyone interested in a wish? LOL He blows the birthday candle like a pro, shoving it down his throat. Alex grunts while Steven takes deep breaths and gulps his meat. Amazing under-carrier view shows Steven biting into AlexA's cock. It is so much he wants that even though it makes him gag a couple of times, it doesn't stop him from wanting it. Alex offers to help Steven. He kneels down between StevenAs smooth legs and begins sucking on his hard-core cock. You don't often get Puerto Rican cuisine in Texas. There are many options for Puerto Rican food. Today's speciality is A'Culito CalienteA". Our Texan boy gets hot Puerto Rican sex; in preparation, they go to a hot 69. Steven is in the top bunk while Alex is deep within Steven's throat. StevenA may have just celebrated his birthday but these two studs will be in for a lot. Both suck on and lick each otherAs cocks and assumps until Alex cannot wait. Before he can slide that cock in, he gets Steven onto his back. He is quick to get his ass in. Steven begs, as he tightens his musculature. Seorito Pinto, be careful what you wish for. Alex bent over Steven, continuing to grunt as Steven groans. You can't help but do it when you are surrounded by a hot, hard-hung woman who is relentlessly trying to slap your cocks. Alex is now Missionary as he continues to fuck Steven. Steven cannot hold back as Alex takes on one of our biggest loads. His smooth face and chest are covered in thick layers of lache. Alex follows his lead, adding his cream to the mixture. ...Feliz Cumpleano, Steven!

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