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Date: June 27, 2014

We speak about her body when there is a girl as sexy as Jeze Belle. Well, there's a great deal to talk about for this one. She's lovely legs little, business tits and an ass that begs grabbed and to be beaten. And once we get this done slut her pussy is dripping wet. Sometimes those words are used by us . We receive a woman start to work her over, and sighs and her moans let us know she's really into it. We see she is indoors and then could also spread her pussy open. However, with Jeze Belle it doesn't require a closer inspection to find out she is made by BDSM. Small streams of her wetness run from her. It isn't a exaggeration, so she is a slut and it reveals. So what's her so turned on? Well, we don't want to brag, but there is a reason women come to us. OT gets her locked from the second he takes her. She is completely under his control whether he torments her tits, ass, feet, pussy and face. This isn't just him putting on several handcuffs and thumping her butt. Jeze came to be pushed, to feel pain and pleasure, and to get her limits shoved. That's what OT supplies her. That's what has her so horny she can t conceal it.

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