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Date: June 06, 2019

I´m status in stockings and my girdle deciding what dress to put on tonight when suddenly I am grabbed at a choke hold with a masked man with a thick Italian accent. As he throws me on the 11, Close up he demands. He immediately finished forces me wrists together behind my back with duct tape. He insures my facce hand and stuffs a wad of fabric and palms layer upon layer of tape around and around my head until I am hugely gagged. As he proceeds to tape my arms pinning them down snugly behind my 17, I sob. He adds tons of this thick silver duct tape and then moves down to my thighs. He tapes up my ankles that I can barely liquefy. The masked man tapes up my thighs and elbows and puts my legs up. The bandit cracks my butt several times and starts looking around the room for valuables to steal. This isn&severe;t what I envisioned when I booked the air bnb . My bound body leans on and manhandles me groping my tits and butt. He yells at my peril understanding I will be unable to cut myself free and tosses a scissor about the mattress. It's impossible and that I fight to attain the scisssor, although I have to get on my knees. I'm left ccompletelly taped up sobbing and fighting expecting someone will find me.

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