Tommy Pistol in Girl/Boy Insomniac Part 3 - Katrina Jade

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From: burningangel

Date: February 26, 2019

Nominated – Best Cinematography, AVN2020 Nominated – Best Drama, AVN2020
Nominated – Best Soundtrack, AVN2020
Nominated for Best Cinematography at XBIZ 2020
After a short nap Penny (Aiden Ashley), wakes up to discover Joanna Angel, her hot trio still living in her home. Penny shakes her head and says she must go to work. Joanna interrupts her and tells her she should not go to work. She can instead show Penny an amazing world full of power and wealth she's never imagined. SheA won't have to do it again. Joanna accuses Penny of stalking Joanna. Joanna is offended. She was simply trying to be kind. Does Penny do this when she is being nice? Penny shouts at Joanna, claiming that she does not know her. Joanna looks at Penny with a strange glint in one eye and tells her she knows Penny more than herself. Penny is left alone. Penny later goes to work wiping the bar when Aaron (Small Hands) comes by. PennyA is happy to meet him, and he asks her how she found him. They have a lot of fun and laughs, and they continue to chat, flirt and share some drinks. AaronA is impressed with Penny and tells her that he didn't expect to see the other side. Penny laughs and is confused. He doesn't know who she really is. Penny suddenly notices something behind the bar. She tells Aaron to keep on going and then leaves Aaron alone at the bar. Penny walks to the backoffice and opens it slightly. Tommy Pistol is standing before Joanna. HeA is mad about something. Penny is watching as Tommy tells Joanna she's the boss in her corner. But there are larger players and THEYA'RE beginning to worry. He means "lay her offA" when he said that. Joanna asks Tommy why he cares if she dies or lives. Tommy giggles. He is made to laugh and she makes it easy for him. Joanna gets an idea. He looks up at her for a second, then she whistles to another person in another room. Moments later, Katrina Jade, a raven-haired vixen walks in. SheA's JoannaAAs present to Tommy. SheA wraps her arms around Tommy, and she runs her hands along his chest. Tommy tells Joanna to get her stuff together or else theyA'll all be going down. He then turns his attention to Katrina. Joanna encourages them to have fun and walks out of the office. Tommy takes his present, squeezes KatrinaAs soft ass while bending her over on the desk. As she gasps, he pulls away her black pants and buries himself between her flawless butt cheeks. Tommy removes KatrinaAAs top and grabs her beautiful titties. He then suckers on her pierced lips and pulls open her legs before he licks her swelling clit. Soon, Katrina realizes it's time to have some. She takes TommyA's top off and grabs her beautiful titties, before grabbing them hard and sucking on their pierced nipples. Penny observes the entire thing from her window as Tommy treats Katrina like a filthy little fuckdoll. Penny can see that Joanna is full of secrets. But PennyA has secrets too. PennyA may be keeping them from herself.

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