Trent Diesel in Diesel Genes

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Date: January 4, 2012

Trent Diesel and Chris Cox are here to steam up the cameras this week. Trent Diesel, a 26-year old hottie from Wisconsin, is back in the house with Chris Cox. Trent Diesel, a Wisconsin native is now 27 years old and we haven't seen him in over a year. Literally ...) Given the current political chaos, we thought we'd ask these hotties hypothetical questions. They were asked if they would like to be President of the United States. What law could they push through? El Presidente Cox would legalize gay marriage across the country, while President Diesel would pass a law that requires all people who don't look attractive to be naked... every day. While we applaud the efforts of El Presidente Cox to make America beautiful, some things shouldn't be done naked or in public. Chris was kind enough to tell us what his bottoms thought about taking large cocks such as his. He says, "They should be gentler." Trent agreed and said that the advice is applicable to both genders. Trent then added his twist. He grins and says, "I find that a lot men with big dicks believe just having a large dick is enough" ...just saying. That's enough. Trent wants to find out if the dick lives upto his hype. Chris doesnA't want to miss a chance so he takes off his pants and let Trent discover the truth on his own. TrentA isn't disappointed. He grabs ChrisA thick meat and then puts it in his mouth. Trent sooths Chris' throbbing cock. Trent licks the shaft, then heads south to get his hands on his large balls. Trent is determined to get back at that dick as he chokes on as much as his stomach will allow. Chris helps Trent to bob his head. Trent shines like a dick. Trent spits on his face, wanting to make sure his dick is as deep as possible. Trent stands up and takes a deep breath, giving his dick more space. Chris is not satisfied with his plans and bends over to examine the sexy dick. He spreads the smooth cheeks and cradles his tongue in. Trent moans while Chris takes his hot ass and gets it all wet ready for some serious fucking. As he gets his sweet tongue-fucked, Trent presses his ans on ChrisA's face. Chris gets up to fuck TrentA's face more, getting rock-hard for the next task... TRENT! Chris changes into a suit and starts to lower his body onto the pole. Trent grunts as his stomach begins to relax. He starts riding it like a pro once he has that fat dick in him. ChrisA's cock feels great on Trent as he holds him by his waist and bounces him onto it. Chris bends over and taps Trent's ass dog style. Chris continues to rock that little ass as Trent braces on the armrest. ChrisA's balls rub against his ass as he increases the speed. Trent grunts as his forearms get stretched further. Chris moves them back to the couch and lays down. Chris raises TrentA's knee and lets the dick go for more. Trent moans as he taps his ass. Trent starts to beat him off by sliding the dick deeper in and faster. Trent is pushed over the edge by that Cuban dickA. Trent is then whipped with a massive load of cocaine all over his abdomen and chest. Chris gets Trent down on his knees, and he beats his massive load across TrentA's forehead. Trent is now wide-eyed wanting every last drop. TrentA will look his best with an intensive protein facial like this. Register now Gentlemen. Limited supply.

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