Troy Halston in The Troy of Sex

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Date: July 21, 2011

We have today two experienced men who have made remarkable careers in this industry. Chad Brock is the first. Chad Brock is 38 years old and is currently residing in the Windy City. Chad is looking forward to the shoot since a while. We can't blame him, as Troy Halston, an industry icon, has returned. Troy, 41 years old and originally from Wisconsin, now calls Fort Lauderdale his home. It was hard to believe that they were so happy about the same thing. Chad confessed to me a few moments ago. Evidently, someone got it right. Troy was very happy when his wife called him to tell him she regrets being so sloppy the past few days. These two were asked what their favorite blowjob was. Troy went dancing in a club with another man and ended up going to the toilet. He was so close to breaking his nose, he had to spit on his mouth. He loved the most sloppy blowjob of his life and it was the best. Chad's best blowjob was his first job with his partner. Isn't it convenient? Chad arrives with a napkin to cover his eyebrows. Troy then goes to his mouth and kisses the new piercing he got. Troy unbuttons Troy's shirt, so Chad can do the same and touch the piercings on his nips. He had taken Chad and Troy out, but Chad was there already. The two of them start to get intimate before Troy starts to rub his cowboy boots into ChadAAs crotch. As they take off their clothes, he helps to pull them off. Chad kneels down and Troy unbuttons his jeans, so heA's ready to greet that cock. As Chad watches, the cock coos Troy and swallows his hard-dick. Troy begins to reciprocate the kindness by removing Troy's underwear. To get a taste, he pulls ChadA's pants down and takes his cock in. Chad and Troy have a second round of making out, before Chad is back on his knees and starts to snort his cock. Troy orders Chad then to lie down on the couch and get his cock fixed. Chad is elated when Troy skillfully swallows the cock. They are both working hard and will soon be unable to eat enough. Troy flips ChadA's legs over so that he can reach the hole. As he prepares for some serious fucking, he dives into his tongue. Troy then moves in position to slide that dick deep. Chad is delighted and he immediately begins to fiss Chad. Troy pounding that ass harder the louder Chad moans. The cock is pulled out fully by Chad, only for Troy to push it back in. As these two have a great chemistry, Troy is able to provide Chad with the food he needs. Then, he flips Chad onto his knees and allows him to continue to run like a dog. Do you like the fat cock in my ass? Chad grunts as Troy teases. As ChadA picks up his pace, TroyA's lower hangers are biting at ChadA. Chad is able to bring the home by getting on his stomach and laying on Troy's back. Troy then slides in on ChadA's back, and begins to pile drive into Chad. ChadA is getting just what the doctor wanteddick! Troy presses ChadA's cock deeply inside, sending him over the edge. Chad then shoots his wad across his chest and face. Troy grabs his batch and dumps it all over ChadA’s face and cum-covered chest.

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