Tucker Forrest in Double Standard

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Date: December 19, 2007

Drew returned to in triumph just in the nick of time, just in-time for the holiday season. We can list nine reasons why Drew returned to just in time for the holidays. He had clearly not lost the ability to display each of his nine glowing inches even though he was gone for over a year. We are now going to see if we can do the same magic with TuckerA's bum as Angel did. Tucker is 5A’6A’ and 135 pounds. He's adorable and sexy and can do anything with his imagination. Drew, at 6A’4A’, 170, and 9A’ inches, are the biggest guys. Drew quickly took TuckerA's shirt off, and Drew pushed his tongue down TuckerA. His fingertips pulled at TuckerA’s hard nipple. Drew is left shirtless by Tucker as he nuzzles up to DrewA's neck. DrewA was squinting in horror and his eyes were rolling inwards. Drew reaches for TuckerA's bulge and leans in passionately. Tucker pulls the zipper down while Drew undoes TuckerA’s belt. DrewA's cock is almost bursting through his shorts. Tucker then sucks right through Drew's fabric. Drew gets up and takes TuckerA's pants off. Tucker then eats TuckerA all nine inches. TuckerA returns the favor a few minutes later with TuckerA, a party-sized eight-inch cock. Drew flips Tucker over and gives him a last taste. He then lets Tucker go, letting Drew walk the trail to TuckerA's next destination. TuckerA is able to reach TuckerA through TuckerA's underwear, which Drew then sucks away. Drew places his hands underneath TuckerA's cheeks, and then uses these to bounce Tucker upwards and downwards. He burys himself in Tucker and then pivots onto the couch to place Tucker on his stomach. Tucker is bent over Tucker for one anal attack. Tucker rubs Tucker's aching bones until Drew leans over Drew and gives Tucker a protein facial.

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