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Category: POV

From: clubstiletto.com

Date: May 8, 2019

As this scene begins, Miss Xi has been disciplining her slave. He says he likes working out, but she's so tight that he can't speak. He can see her pixie neck, and can't believe how close she is to him. He is told to move, so she holds his arms up and tries to pull him away. These are some great angles to show her legs and hot body. She finally gets up, and he probably expected her to sit on his head. Instead she surprises him by sitting on his neck. She eventually moves to his side and covers his mouth, asking him to touch his little guy. He gets harder and she gives him another headlock. This time, she is sitting next to him. He can cum, but the pressure is too much on his neck and suddenly he cannot grip his cock. She laughs and says it looks like another month to cumaEUR. It's a fantastic clip.

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