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Date: October 15, 2019

Miss Xi is laying on her slut and intends to cause serious pain to his legs. After squeezing the balls, she wraps an elastic band around it. They are then pulled, pulled, squeezed, punched, and slapped by her. Then she applies clothespins to the balls of his feet and his cock. As she adds more clothespins, aEURoeEnjoy it because they're going to hurt when you smack them with a crop. After she is done, she grabs her crop and begins to strike his clothespins. She then gets up and steps on his cock & balls. They are cropped more often until she bends down. The slave does his best to not scream, but she begins to take the clothespins apart. She tugs at the last one and instead of taking the clothespin off, starts punching him in the back. He will be sent home with an elastic band around his ankles, which she threatens to remove. She tells him that aEURoeYou won't use them anyway.

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