Dildos I'm Going To Fuck Your Co-Workers

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Date: February 22, 2017

Mia, who just came home from a work function with you and was so proud of you for having such a beautiful young woman in your arms, walks into the living room. You must be so proud to have me on your arms, wasn't it hubby? She asks. aEURoe They were fantasizing about me, and I'm sure there are a couple I would be happy to fuck. You can put me on your arm in public, but once we're home we find out the truth: you are my cucky. You are ordered to kneel and reminded by her how you thought that you would be constantly fucking her when you were married. She asks you, "How many times have we actually fucked you?" and then she holds her hands up to give a huge fat zero. Talking about her hot young studs, she asks her coworkers what they would think of you if you were to fluff their work colleagues. erection, she smiles. She says, "Well I suppose some of them will discover out". One guy she mentions is particularly attractive and she asks for his number. She raises a large rubber cock and asks, "I wonder if my boyfriend's cock is as big?" You ask if the cock looks like your boyfriend's. He was over the previous time and she recalls how hilarious it was to watch him shove his cock down your throat. It would cause you to gag and choke. Then, she points the large dildo at you and asks that you practice sucking it so you can be more skilled next time. AEURoeThis womanaEUR(tm), she says, is an actual manaEUR(tm), and would love to have it suckedaEUR. Then she takes it out and begins to lick it. It feels great in her little pussy and almost tears her open. She then strokes the thing with her hand. You can't see her sexy cock and you have to accept her place in your life if you wish to continue your marriage. You are further humiliated when she says that she enjoys talking to her partners about your little cock and how they laugh at it. Before she pulls out her little plug, she compares it with yours before telling you to put it in your mouth. AEURoeI would like a plug to your ass every time he visits, she says. She claims she would love to have him pull her ass out, then fuck it up again. YouaEUR(tm), she says, would be fortunate to get her ass juices pumping through your holes. She says she knows that you lie at work, telling other men you're in control and are fucking her. Will they tell you the truth if she has a few sexy men at work? You are told to touch her cute little cock. She then invites you to go down and worship her feet. This is what you will have to do in your life.

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